Heart Pendant Necklaces - Timeless Or Not?

Heart pendant necklaces have been a coveted piece of jewelry for some time. But one may ask if they wear such a necklace if they are dating themselves or at least dating their jewelry collection.

Well currently, these necklaces are extremely popular in the 21st century. This piece of jewelry is both on the top of Amazon.com buyers' wish lists and the top of Amazon.com buyers' gift list. So, people both give these necklaces a lot and they want them as well. What a coincidence or maybe not? I literally just got an email from a major online jeweler with their weekly special and guess what piece of jewelry it was: the heart pendant necklace. No, I did not make this up.

The heart pendant necklace is very versatile. It can be worn as an everyday piece of jewelry or it can be worn for that special night out with your significant other. Isn't that great? You have one piece of jewelry that works for most all occasions. This is very important especially during tough economic times when jewelry spending has fallen towards the bottom of the priority list.

This necklace also crosses borders. What I mean is that people all over the world have fallen in love with this necklace. The symbol of the heart is simply universal which is probably why it worn worldwide.

When the all feared topic of budget comes to the surface some may think the heart pendant necklace is out of their budget. These pieces of jewelry can run from $20 into the thousands. So, no matter what your budget may be, there is a heart pendant necklace with your name on it.

Now one thing that has changed with the heart pendant necklace is the style of it or maybe it's more appropriate to say the new styles have been added to this piece. Modern day heart pendant necklaces may have the "hanging" heart where the heart is sort of hanging and not straight up and down. Another change is the use of pave diamonds to fill the surface of the heart. This also transcends to solitaire diamonds being placed most anywhere on the heart as well. This may speak to the "bling bling" age or just the evolution of design and the taste of consumers.

Some jewelry lines as of late are incorporating this piece into their earthy, nature, environmental themes. This may be an idea of where jewelry is going to go and the bohemian focus of jewelry pieces. It does make sense as people are more environmentally conscious or at least environmentally aware today than in the past.

Hollywood stars even wear these necklaces which may be of no surprise. One of the most attractive and popular movie stars of all time was just wearing a heart pendant necklace in the September 2010 issue of Elle magazine. Can you guess who this may be? OK, that's a ridiculous question. It's the one and only Julia Roberts.



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