Five Ways to Expertly Set Off Swarovski Crystal Pendants

Are you looking for new ways to use or make your Swarovski crystal pendants? Take a look at these 5 ideas and tips!

Keep It Simple For An Air Of Refined Elegance

Swarovski crystal pendants are dazzling all by themselves - they really don't need a lot of other fuss nearby to look good. Just one simple pendant strung on a cord or chain is a stunning way to set it off, and will lend an air of elegance to any outfit with which it is worn. Choose larger pendants for this, and wear them with little or no other jewellery.

Use Other Swarovski Elements For An Amazing 'Bling' Look

That said, it really isn't everyone's style - and there's no reason it should be! When combined with as many other crystal elements as you fancy, Swarovski crystal pendants become the dazzling centrepiece to an eye-catching riot of sparkle and colour. You can find spacers, rondelles, findings, clasps, and pretty much anything you fancy adorned with Swarovski crystals - just keep your eyes open for the next great find.

Match Crystals Carefully For A High-End Set

If you can find several perfectly matching Swarovski crystal pendants, you can turn them into a matching set. Make a necklace and a pair of earrings, and consider adding one to a charm bracelet alone as a single stand-out charm - matching sets are undeniably chic. They'll look like they cost far more to make than they actually did, and you'll be receiving compliments for years. The trick to this is to match the colours perfectly - slightly off tone crystals will be more obvious than you might expect.

Combine Small Crystals For A Dazzling 'Cluster'

It's not just Swarovski crystal pendants that make for amazing centerpieces. With a few headpins, a pair of pliers, and a heap of smaller crystal beads, you can make a pair of gorgeous cluster earrings that will catch and refract the light beautifully. Try clashing colours as well as coordinating them, and be prepared to receive plenty of comments. This can also work as a pendant or, if made smaller, as a bracelet charm.


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