Seed Bead Projects and Bugle Bead Projects - Doughnut Versus Straw

What is the difference between seed beads and bugle beads?

One way which you can separate the difference is seed beads are round like a doughnut and bugle beads are shaped like hollow stems or a straw. Each has its purpose in connecting or creating designs in making jewelry, home decorations, and wearable art.

Seed beads are usually made out of glass, but available in plastic as well. They are shaped like a doughnut with a small to large singular hole. In America many of the seed bead projects are found as Indian bead work in medicine bags, head bands, and Indian jewelry of necklaces, and bracelets. Seed beads were also used as trims on original Indian dress and their moccasins.

Hex seeds are used in the same manner as the delica seeds, however, a word of warning; I have experienced uneven sharp edges on the hex seeds cutting the thread. It is best to get another thread, to not trust the existing thread to hold over time. The delica seeds have a smooth interior and will not cause weak threads.

Three-cut beads are very attractive in gold and silver and are used heavily in evening or fancy work. I use these beads often in my bead weaving because:

    These beads make excellent spacers
    They add glamour
    They fill in tiny areas of exposed beading thread
    They maintain alignment of larger beads which is critical for allowing soft curving

Larger pebble seed beads are smooth on both interior and exterior surface, easy to thread and no fear of threads being cut. Similar to the standard bead; just larger.

Bugle beads are long and narrow; a hollow stem. Bugle bead projects are used in bead weaving and hand loom applications. A common finishing technique is to attach a seed bead at each end to give a finishing touch to the appearance of the bugle bead.

The handicap when working bugle bead projects in weaving is finding a needle very fine in size with long length to hold many beads and the strength to hold the thread. The next problem is for the interior hole of the bugle bead to be large enough for the needle and the thread to pass through twice.

Many bugle beads have been smashed under my needle pliers because the thread could not pass through. You are probably asking why destroy the bead?

When stringing twenty four beads to a strand and the eleventh bead does not cooperate, would you want to start all over again? To give you a better picture of this scenario, this is typical when stringing fringe lengths.




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