How to Make Beaded Jewellery at Home

Any kind of jewellery can be used to accessorize and jazz up your outfit whether it is a bracelet, necklace, finger ring or earring. The jewellery business has become a multibillion dollar industry and these can be created from just about any kind of material like gold, silver, precious stones like diamond, semi precious stones like emerald or topaz, pearls, metal, plastic and beads. But instead of spending big bucks on buying these jewels at a store, you can easily make attractive jewellery at home itself. Let us see how;

It might not be possible to create jewellery pieces using gold, platinum or diamond but you can easily created beaded accessories like necklaces and bracelets at home itself. This way, you can make a completely unique piece designed exclusively by you to team it up with your new dress. You can also copy a design worn by a celebrity or one that you spotted at an expensive store and cannot afford to buy. Beaded necklaces are easy to make provided you have the right tools and the different kinds of beads that you would like for your neckpiece.

One example to get you started is a beaded necklace created from yellow rainbow beads and black Swarovski crystal beads. If you find Swarovski crystals expensive, you can replace these with any artificial and inexpensive black pearl beads but these lacks the sheen of the Swarovski crystals. The first step is to take a gold-filled or brass hard wire on which the beads have to be strung together to make the necklace.

You can create a design for your neckpiece and string the beads accordingly; one spectacular design is to gold seed beads in size 8 alternately between every black Swarovski crystal pearl of size 10mm. Insert the yellow rainbow bead of size 12 x 6 mm at four or five different points in the necklace. Finish the jewellery piece by attaching the end gold filled cone which has the clasp. This is a spectacular piece of accessory that can be worn with both formal as well as cocktail outfits. The sparkle and sheen of the Swarovski pearl beads is exceptional and is a perfect accessory to adorn for a special night out.

Beads can be chosen in any color, shape and size depending on your outfit or the design you want to create. You can also make matching bracelets in a similar manner to complete the look. The tools, beads and other items that you would require for making jewellery at home are easily available at most department stores. You can also pick up interesting beads at exhibitions or while travelling for vacation. These beads are usually purchased in grams and are much more inexpensive than getting a finished product in a store.



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How to Make a Prom Bracelet With Awesome Pandora Glass Beads

Pandora style beads have been a popular choice for jewelry makers for a number of years, because of their slightly different, but nonetheless spectacularly attractive appearance. They differ from regular beads, because they are much chunkier, and have a much larger hole at the centre. Despite the fact that they are chunkier, and have a large hole, the beads are still delicate and beautiful, because they have been carefully crafted to be so. An alternative name for Pandora style beads is European beads, because this is where the design first originated. They are a popular choice because they are both classy and funky, and therefore they are often worn at proms and modern award ceremonies. Today, this article will explain how to make prom bracelet using Pandora-glass beads.

Before you make your bracelet, you should consider what you will be wearing on your prom night. If you are not sure what color dress you will be wearing, you should choose a neutral color or black for your bracelet, so that it will not clash with the dress which you will eventually choose. If you already know what you will be wearing, you can choose the color of Pandora-glass beads which you will use, in order to match the color of the dress which you will wear. If you are planning on wearing a dress which includes organza or another light, floaty material, you should consider smooth, polished glass beads, rather than the style of Pandora glass beads which include lots of different beads of raised glass. This piece of advice is offered because raised glass beads will be more likely to catch on the organza, and you could snag your dress if you are unlucky. You do not run this risk with polished glass beads. However, if your dress won't snag, this style of glass bead can add a wonderful level of sparkle to your outfit, because each bead is so multi-faceted.

Once you know what sort of beads you want, you can buy them from a jewelry making supply store. There is a wide selection of Pandora glass beads available from online bead stores and high street hobby stores. You will also need to buy a "Pandora" or "European" thickness jewelry chain. These chains are also available in a lot of different materials, so you will be able to choose between silver, gold, brass, copper and leather effect, as well as many more. Although leather effect bracelets are not traditionally worn as part of a prom outfit, you can choose this style if you want an interesting mixture of smart and casual which fits with your personality. You may also have to consider different sizes of bracelet if your wrist is thinner or thicker than average.



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How To Clean European Beads, Charms and Bracelets

European bead bracelets, such as the ones made by Pandora, Chamilia and Trollbeads, are a popular accessory. Most women wear their bracelets every day, which means they get dirty quickly. Most beads and bracelets are made of sterling silver, Murano glass and other quality materials, so it is important to use care when cleaning this type of jewelry. Here are some easy tips for keeping your beads, charms and bracelets looking like new.

The safest and cheapest way to clean beads and bracelets is to fill a dish with warm soapy water (use a mild soap such as dish washing liquid), dunk the bracelet & charms and let them soak for a minute or two. With an old soft toothbrush or an old clean mascara wand, give the extra dirty parts a light scrub; the wand is perfect to push into the bead core holes. Swirl or let them soak for a few more minutes, then rinse in cold water & dry with a soft cloth.

Standard liquid silver polishes or paste would remove much of the oxidized detail that is common on this type of jewelry, so it would be wise to avoid these types of cleaners.

Alternatively there are safe, soft jewelery cleaning cloths on the market but it is hard to push them in to the fine detail spots. They are perfect, though, to add extra sparkle to the washed & dried bracelet charms.

Make sure you take off your bracelet before going into a pool or using any sort of cleaning chemicals, as chlorine and other harsh agents can permanently damage the silver.



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