Beading Program - Survival of the Craftiest

Most hardcore crafters carry some tools with them wherever they go. The main reason for this is so they are ready to design whenever inspiration strikes or to take full advantage of any spare moment they find. Whether they are waiting at the Doctor's office or stuck in traffic these clever artisans are never alone when they have their basic supplies for company.

But beyond giving them something to pass the time did you ever wonder if these items held other uses? Well this season you can tune in and find out on what is sure to be the best beading program on television; Survivor: Beader's Island. That's right! We will answer that age-old question; what three items would you want to have if you were stranded on a deserted island and we will also show you why.

Twelve contestants, two teams, three beading tools each, who will win? What will you the viewer learn? With no standard tools like hammers, shovels or knives given each player will be forced to use their imagination to invent innovative uses for their jewelry-making supplies and outwit, outplay and out-craft the competition.

Watch and see how the tapered jaws of round-nosed pliers are used to extract sweet coconut milk instead of bending loops out of wire. Discover how beading needles and long fibers from sansiveria plants go hand in hand to mend torn clothes. The added dexterity that chain-nosed pliers can provide when shellfish are a diet staple, the homemade slingshot designed when the elastic band from a pair of underwear and pliers are overturned; all this and more will be revealed on the crafter's paradise that is Beader's Island.

You will not want to miss an episode of reality TV's beading program for the adventure seeker. Chock full of so many amazing, never-before-seen ideas for beading supplies you will never look at your tools the same way again. Husbands, boyfriends, brothers, fathers may want beading tools for their own once they see what they can really do. Wire cutters can cut more than wire. They can cut down vines and saplings that can be lashed together to create a raft or shelter. What uses can the contestants find for reamers, measuring tape or even adhesive? Watch and you could win some of the same tools yourself.

Yes, this rule-breaking reality hit is also interactive. Viewers will have the chance to score the same jewelry creating supplies used on the show as well as purchase jewelry created by the contestants with found items and their trusty tools and used to trade for other necessities and luxuries.

A tale of survival, beading, commerce and of course drama that will leave you wanting more every week; this new reality beading program is not for the faint of heart. Journey into the dark heart of the passionate jewelry-maker and uncover the strong survivor that lives inside us all. If you have been waiting for a heart-pounding, insider's look at the minds of true artisans; this beading program is it.

Don't miss it! Survivor: Beader's Island premiers next season.

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