Must-Have Wholesale Jewelry Supplies, Beads And Findings For Every Jewelry Designer

When I first started creating my own jewelry, the first thing I would do was to look for wholesale jewelry supplies. For any jewelry designer, getting the right jewelry making supplies at the right price is essential. When it comes to running a jewelry business, the aim is to make as much profit as possible while providing the best quality jewelry pieces to the customers. To keep my initial expenses low, I always buy wholesale jewelry supplies and this not only helps me save money, but also gives me a whole range of exciting and fresh elements to use in my creations. With wholesale lots of jewelry making supplies in hand, I am motivated to create and sell more jewelry.

Over time, I have realised that not all jewelry making supplies are essential. Although you will come across guides, tutorials and information on the internet that tell you about the essential jewelry making supplies, not all of them are used commonly in jewelry designing. Some of them are just a waste of your money. To avoid making the mistake of buying unnecessary jewelry supplies, especially if you are a beginner, given below is a quick guide on the must-have wholesale jewelry supplies, beads and findings for every jewelry designer.

Jewelry tools

When it comes to buying wholesale jewelry tools, always ensure that you get flat nose pliers, chain nose pliers, wire cutters and round nose pliers in the set. These tools are essential as they can be used to make quick adjustments to your jewelry pieces. They can be used to make or fix jewelry.


When you buy wholesale beads for your jewelry making needs, you can look for lots that include assorted beads. This will give you a range of options to work with when you are designing jewelry. If you consider a single type of bead, you will be stuck with only one option and there will be limits to how you can use the beads in your creations. Therefore, it is essential that you buy wholesale beads in a range of shapes, colors, sizes and if possible materials as well.

Jewelry findings

Findings serve different functions in jewelry designing. While some are functional pieces only, some serve design functions as well. So it is essential to choose your findings very carefully. First of all, determine what function you want the findings to serve in your creations. Your budget is also an important factor here because jewelry findings which are both functional and decorative tend to be a lot expensive. But, you can get wholesale lots of jewelry findings at extremely affordable prices if you shop carefully. Consider what findings you need and what you don't need. Based on my experience, findings that I commonly use in my creations include jump rings, head pins, clasps, connectors, crimps and ear wires. Look for sets which include these findings rather than the ones that include only limited number of the essential findings and more of those you would hardly use in your creations.



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Wholesale Beads

As beads serve multiple purposes and can be used for creative work like jewelry making, crafts, handbags, and the like, they are gaining popularity among women and kids. Apart from this, craftsmen and artisans use these beads to enhance the value of their product. They combine these beads along with their weaves to create beautiful patterns. Creativity gets a new horizon when one starts working with beads

Among a wide range of beads available on the market, they are classified on the basis of their color, size, cut, finish and availability. Certain beads are widely available and hence cost less, where as beads like pearl and Swarovski crystal are rare, precious and expensive.

Suppliers boast of their collection of beads, and import these beads from different corners of the world to meet the increasing demand. They then supply the beads to local markets, and give great bargains if bought in bulk.

When going for bead purchases, there is a wide variety available. You can choose your beads based on size, color, shape and cost. If you want to choose a bead on color, you can choose it from a rainbow of colors like aqua, aquamarine, charcoal, cobalt, emerald, black and any other color in existence. There are various sizes to choose from. You can mix the sizes and arrange them in different styles to suit you. If you want to mix shapes, you have various choices including oval, round, banana, butterfly or even candy. You can also buy a mix of different beads readily available with the suppliers. If you are going to buy a precious bead then you should also focus on the cut and clarity of the bead.


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Peridot Gemstone Beads - Appearance, Origin, Birthstone Feature and Healing Properties

The Peridot gemstone is predominantly assumed to have been native to Egypt in the late 18th/ 19th century. It is of pale green composition and is basically a crystal which has constituent properties of Magnesium and Iron. Iron is found to be present in larger extent whereas silicon and oxygen also occur in fractional quantities. The stone is presumably mistaken for emerald due to its color however is entirely different from the precious gem on various levels. Legends have it that the stone was known as 'Chrysolite' in some of the Bible texts and was also a favorite gemstone for Queen Cleopatra.


Though the color of this stone is olive-green, however the intensity of the shade depends upon the magnitude of Iron it might confine within its chemical composition; hence lighter mass of Iron would give it a yellow tint whereas more of the compound is responsible for the pale olive-green normally which is found to persist in the stone. Its tenacity ranges about 6.5-7 that was recorded on the Moh's Scale.

Geological Origins:

The formation of the Peridot lies in its biological source which is 'Olivine' that is the basic mineral resting under ultra-mafic rocks or can be considered a derivative of lava composites of the 'peridotite xenoliths', a compound of the mantle. Due to the fact that the mineral is rarely found and also since its deposits contain little of 'Peridot' products it is considered precious. Research also denotes that its source comes from a meteorite known as the 'Pallasite Meteorites' whose advent was witnessed in the past April 2008.

Till today the largest ever measurable quantity of the stone that has been purchased is a 310 carat which lies in the Washington DC Smithsonian Museum. The 'Black Rock Lamproite' has been one of the discovery grounds for Olvine Peridot composites where 13,000 carats (which weighs around 62 grams) of the stone was unearthed.


Peridot essentially is considered as the 'August' birthstone. You must be familiar with the concept behind astrology and birthstones; well accordingly the stone's rightful placement has been calculated to being in the month of August, the month of the zodiac 'Leo'. It was in the year 1912 that the designation was assigned to the stone by the American National Association of Jewelers. Similar to the birthstone 'Opal' which is originally allocated to the zodiac 'Libra'; surprisingly 'Peridot' is also considered a 'Libra' gemstone.

Healing Properties:

For some individuals the idea of wearing a gemstone can cure them of ailments and bring about harmony in the vicinity of their residence. However there are also few who believe only in the commercial profits of the stone and a few who purchase it for its unique beauty. However bibliographical facts suggest that the stone has medicinal effects, one of them being sound sleep and relaxation from stress. The stone denotes peace, success and fortune. It is said that the wearer will not suffer from ill-health as well as will have a secure hold over anger which is often common amongst stone behavioral descriptions.


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