How to Make Kwanzaa Blocks Using Fusion Beads

Fusion beads are great for Kwanzaa decorations. Kwanzaa is a cultural holiday that begins its celebration on December 26th and continues until January 1st of the following year for a total of seven days. Because it is not a religious holiday, it is practiced by Africans and African-Americans of all faiths, religions and denominations - all come together to celebrate cultural connections. The purpose of Kwanzaa is to teach and reinforce the seven primary values (also known as principles) of the African culture.

It is important for children to learn about the Seven Principles of Kwanzaa as each principle holds great wisdom and knowledge. If you plan to teach children about Kwanzaa using a non-conventional method, the following fusion bead activity is sure to get them interested. Be sure to talk about each principle as you go along.

Items Needed:

    Wooden craft blocks (cube shape) - 1 inch or larger
    Red, green and black acrylic paint
    Small paintbrush
    Clear drying craft glue
    Fusion beads, size 15 rounds or smaller


1. Count out the number of blocks needed for each principle:

    5 for Umoja
    12 for Kujichagulia
    5 for Ujima
    6 for Ujamaa
    3 for Nia
    6 for Kuumba
    5 for Imani

2. Paint the wooden cubes according to the colors for that principle and dry according to paint instructions:

    Umoja = black
    Kujichagulia = red
    Ujima = green
    Ujamaa = red
    Nia = green
    Kuumba = red
    Imani = green

3. Glue the blocks together, one on top of each other. Make sure each block project has the correct amount of blocks per the names of the Principles.

4. Using the tweezers, glue the fusion beads onto each block in the shape of a letter.

    For example, The Imani block project has five blocks. Use the fusion beads to spell out an "I" on the first block. The second block, spell out a "M", etc...
    Be sure to use a different color than the block, using only Kwanzaa colors.

5. Use the letter beads to glue the name of the principle to the stack of cubes.

6. Glue more fusion beads on top to add more color and flare - be creative with the designs.

Kwanzaa is an African American and Pan-African holiday. It's in the celebration of family, community and culture. These seven Principles are: Umoja (Unity), Kujichagulia (Self-Determination), Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility), Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics), Nia (Purpose), Kuumba (Creativity), and Imani (Faith).



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