An Introduction To Acrylic Beads

Acrylic is a synthetic substance which is a type of plastic. But, it is much stronger and durable in terms of quality. In some cases, it is also superior in quality to glass. Acrylic beads are widely available these days and if you are a jewelry designer, then there is definitely no shortage of options when it comes to beading with acrylic beads. However, the choice of beads depends on the kind of project you are working on and also the kind of jewelry you are looking to create.

Just like all other substances, there are advantages and disadvantages of using acrylic beads. Therefore, before you make a choice, you must decide how the beads fit into the project you have in hand and how it is going to affect the outcome.
Because of its properties and characteristics, acrylic fits perfectly into the world of beading and jewelry making. It is easier to manufacture as well. When compared to glass beads, acrylic beads are easier to cut and there are lesser chances of shattering as well. It is possible to bend acrylic into any shape imaginable. The process of melting also allows two different pieces of acrylic to be joined together. The seams are then polished making it invisible to anyone. This is how it is possible to find acrylic beads in a mixture of colors. When talking about variety and the range of colors, shapes and sizes, there are no beads that can compare with acrylic beads.

Another great benefit of using acrylic beads in jewelry making is that they are extremely lightweight. They are not even half the weight of glass. Moreover, they are extremely durable meaning that they cannot be easily shattered or scratched. Even if they are scratched, they can easily be buffed out.

When talking about the clarity of these beads, it can be said that they are very clear. Even glass tends to develop a greenish tint if they are made thicker, but acrylic beads remain clear. On the other hand, plastic beads become yellowish and brittle with age. Acrylic does not.

In terms of cost, these are one of the cheapest beads available. No matter what your budget is, you will find beads that will suit your budget. Although there are hundreds of different designs, styles and colors to choose from, they are sure to fit into every jewelry making cost.

These beads have their disadvantages as well. These beads should not be exposed to high temperatures such as put near flames. Just like plastic beads, they will melt and scorch. Therefore, jewelry made of acrylic beads must not be worn when planning a campfire.



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