Buying Silver Wholesale Jewelry Versus Volume Buyers

Do you use a lot of alphabet beads or sterling silver charms? Do you resell them? Chances are you want to save if you can, needless to say the rising cost of silver does not help when you are trying to cut costs. So what do professionals do? They buy wholesale! But what exactly does buying silver wholesale jewelry mean today? Actually, the entire wholesale buying process is rapidly changing. Let me explain.

The old school way of buying wholesale consisted of looking through a big thick catalog that did not contain prices, only images. This allowed the manufacturer to keep the same catalog longer without having to change catalogs whenever the prices changed. This old method also allowed small business owners the opportunity to show their customers the catalog without letting the customer know what the business owner's actual costs were.

This traditional wholesale buying process mandated a minimum order, provided little to no customer service, and typically had slow shipping. There just was not a lot of innovation. Once the catalog was printed, relatively little changed in the inventory until the next catalog came out. The Internet completely changed the way wholesale companies operate. They were forced to change or slowly go out of business.

With the advent of the Internet, some of these forward-looking companies have moved their inventories online and allowed customers to place a several thousand dollar initial order to buy at the stated wholesale prices. The customers are given a username and a password to access the pricing available to them. While this method allowed large established buyers to buy online at wholesale prices, it did nothing to help new start up companies. This method was indeed an improvement over the old catalog days, but was still cumbersome and a little archaic.

While some traditional wholesale companies have improved, many of them still fall short of the mark for today's customers' high expectations. Internet jewelry buying customers are used to having live chat, exceptional customer service, fast shipping, money back guarantees, and of course low pricing. They have gotten used to exceptional service from other online stores, and they expect no less from wholesale silver jewelry merchandisers.

The new online wholesale buying, which is sometimes called "volume buying" is the Internet version of traditional wholesale. It combines the best of both worlds. Wholesale buyers or Volume buyers are customers who buy in volume and reap the benefits of getting the largest discount, but at the same time first time buyers just getting started are not required to invest in large minimum orders. Therefore start-up costs can be kept low.

There are no special logins or secret pricing. The pricing is open, simple and fair to all. You buy this many of a certain item, and you pay the stated price. Period! You get a thirty-day money back guarantee for silver jewelry one of the most sought after commodities.

Readily available customer service is crucial for today's successful wholesale jewelry companies. Whether you are looking for pewter beads, charms, bracelets, findings, or really any kind of jewelry, you can be thankful the Internet has brought the best of wholesale buying to your world.


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