How To Pad Out Potpourri With Cheap Wooden Beads

Potpourri is a fantastic substance which can be used to make your home smell nicer. It is normally made up of a mixture of dried petals and spices which have retained their scent during the drying process. One of the advantages of using potpourri over a can of air freshener is that potpourri remains scented for a much longer time, and continues to keep the room smelling fresh for a long time if the bowl or container remains in situ. Another advantage is that as well as smelling nice, it looks attractive. Most people actually use much more potpourri than they need to, because they want it to fill the bowl that they put it in, but it is actually possible to save money on potpourri (or make your bag of the substance go further) by padding it out with cheap wooden beads.

What type of beads to choose

If you want to try this out, you should choose fairly large, chunky wooden beads from a wholesale supplier, so that you are able to get a large bag at a relatively low cost. If you can, you should choose beads which are unvarnished, and which are made out of a soft wood. These beads are porous and can take on some of the scent from the potpourri.

Why choose wooden beads

These beads are a great choice for padding out potpourri, because they can take on some of the scent from the substance, without adding a negative smell of their own, and without taking away from the longevity of the substance. Using beads which are made out of wood is a much better idea than using beads which are made out of any other material, because wood is a natural material, and therefore it does not look out of place. In fact, many bags of shop bought potpourri actually include wood shavings or other wooden pieces as well.

What to do

Choose what potpourri you want for your room. It is available in plenty of different colors, so you will normally be able to find a packet which does not clash with your internal decorating scheme. Then choose a receptacle in which to store and display the mixture. Most people will either choose a narrow and tall clear glass bowl, or a shallow and wide opaque bowl, as they offer different ways to display the substance. Once you have found a suitable display bowl, create a mixture which is about one quarter beads, and about three quarters potpourri. If you have chosen a very brightly colored mix, you may choose to add a touch of color to the wooden beads before you mix the two things together (allow the paint to dry completely before you do this), so that they do not stick out as much. If you are really concerned about the presence of the beads ruining the appearance of the mixture, it is possible to arrange the mixture so that the beads are in the center and cannot be seen.


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