Different Types of Clasps Used in Sterling Silver Earrings

Whatever may be the type of sterling silver jewelry you purchase the market will give you the opportunity of choosing from a wide variety of designs. The scenario is not different even for earrings made from this sturdy metal. In this article, we'll be discussing about the different kinds of clasps used in sterling silver earrings.

Post: The best way of describing a post would be as a tiny piece of metal that runs through the user's ear piercing. Posts are mostly found in studs. However, some manufacturers also use this clasp type in other kinds of earrings. When wearing earrings equipped with posts, you will have to secure the post's back either using friction fittings or screw-on caps. To make sure that the posts do not cause any discomfort for the user, the craftsmen always keep them lightweight. Posts that are not light in weight might cause serious damage to the wearer's ear lobe by widening the piercing unwarrantedly. This other than being extremely painful can also make the ear look ugly.

Post & hinge: If you have purchased a pair of small cuff earrings, it will most likely be equipped with a hinge and a post. These pieces should also be worn through the ear piercing like the ones equipped only with posts. However, the process of securing them is different; they are usually secured by pressing their cuff ends together.

Post & clasp: You will find this combination mostly in large hoops and cuffs. To wear such a pair, you will have to insert the post into your ear piercing and use the clasp to close the hoop. This will stop the earrings from changing position until the clasp is removed.

Hook: Hooks are mostly found in danglers. To wear a dangling piece equipped with a hook you will have to insert the hook into the hole in your earlobe. The part that will remain at the back of the lobe is usually 0.5 inch or 1 inch in length. This gives the dangler the perfect overall body weight and prevents it from changing its position. To avoid accidental removal of your danglers, you can also secure the hooks by means of small slide-on backs (mostly made from plastic).

Clip: This is the option for you if you don't have pieced ears. People for sterling silver earrings with clips even when they want to wear more than one piece in a single ear, but do not have extra piercings done. The clipped earrings look exactly like pieces equipped with posts; so, you will not need to face any embarrassment or fashion faux pas as a result of wearing them. This clasp type is particularly used in silver earrings meant for kids and infants.

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