All About Creating Custom Jewelry

There are generally to ways to have your own piece of custom jewelry produced if you want to create one and the first way is to go to a jeweler that makes custom jewelry and have them produce it to your specifications. The other way to have it made is to create or sculpt it yourself in wax and then have a jeweler cast it in gold or silver for you.

This is basically the way that most all rings and bracelets are made, although there is finishing work that has to be done after it is cast, the basic form of the creation is determined in wax. Its called the "lost wax method" and it has been in use for thousands of years. Your idea is first created in wax by using sculpting or dental wax. Standard paraffin wax won't do because it is too hard and stiff and bees wax is too soft.

The wax ring or bracelet is then given to the jeweler who then encases the wax sculpture in plaster. After the plaster that encases the wax ring or bracelet has cured and dried it is placed in a hot kiln so the wax piece inside of it can melt and burn out. What is removed from the kiln is a chunk of plaster that has the hollow shape of the ring or bracelet in it where the wax was.

Jewelers use a centrifugal caster that spins around as the molten gold or silver is forced in to the hollow place in the chunk of plaster by the centrifugal force. After the gold or silver inside of the chunk of plaster has been allowed to cool the plaster is chipped away to reveal the jewelry piece where the wax ring or bracelet once was.


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