How to Make a Candy Stripe Design Bracelet

If you want a unique gift for your best friend then make a friendship bracelet that symbolizes your trust and loyalty. When you give a handmade bracelet to someone it means that they are very important to you. Creating handmade bracelets can help you pass the time and it is also serves as a stress relieving hobby. You are free to style your bracelet and pick a color of your choice. You will need embroidery floss with different colors and scissors for this project.

The first design I will teach you is how to make a friendship bracelet in candy stripe design. This style is basic and quick to make.

What you need: 6 strings with different colors.

REMEMBER: Forward Knots (f/k). Tie double knots!

1. First, lay your strings out in this order: Pink, Violet, White, Green, Blue and Brown. (Or the colors you want to use)

2. Next is tying the forward knots (f/k) with the pink string on the violet string. Then tie anther f/k with pink string on white string. Repeat this until the pink string has been tied all the way across the other strings. Remember to tie double knots. The Pink string should be on the right side of your strings.

3. The next step is tying an f/k with violet string on the white string. Repeat this until the violet string has tied all the way across your strings (including the pink string). This should make the order of strings: White, Green, Blue, Brown, Pink and Violet. Repeat these steps with the other strings until the bracelet fits around your wrist.

The next design I will teach to you is how to make a friendship bracelet in a rainbow colored candy stripe design.

What you need: 6 strings with different colors that are found in the rainbow.

A = red

B =orange

C =yellow

D =green

E =blue

F =violet

1. First, tying an overhand knot in one end. Lay them like a b c d e f a b c d e f.

2. Next is get the two red strings and make a forward knot. Take the red that you just did a forward knot and make another forward knot on the orange then another forward knot with the red on the yellow then make a forward knot with the red on the rest of the colors.

3. Next step is take the orange and make a forward knot on the yellow, green, blue, violet, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and the violet.

4. Then keep on making forward knots on the colors with the first string on the left until the bracelet fits on your wrist.



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