The History of the Spiritually Significant Tibetan Beads

Tibetan beads have been around many years and they also hold great spiritual meaning. These beads, also known as prayer beads, date back as far as the time around 500 BC. They are called Mala, in Sanskrit, meaning garland, and known as Misbah by the Muslim culture. And the Greeks considered them worry beads. In the Catholic tradition,the beads were used as rosary beads for prayer.

Many cultures including the Asians see these beads as a provider of spiritual comfort. They have even been known to be ground into amulets and used as a medicinal powder. Actually these prayer beads in India came from the ancient Hindu traditions which felt there was great power in sound.

Malas first appeared in ancient Asia and were used often to pray to Buddha. Hindus who decided to convert to Buddhism would bring their Malas with them whether from China or Japan. These beautiful and semi-precious stones are known and revered the world over. They also hold great significance for people worldwide.

Some people believe that some of the beads actually bring healing from illness and they bring you good fortune and good luck. Everyone believes a little something different about Tibetan beads, but one thing is for certain most people find them exotic and appealing.

The Buddhist mala beads were primarily made from the Bodhi tree seeds. The Tibetan form of these beads actually at times contain semi-precious stones and are beautiful when crafted into jewelry and works of art. Many gemstones are used in forming these beads including turquoise, amethyst, copper and nickel. These are just a few of the gems used to craft these little works of beauty and art.

The Tibetans were also known to use turquoise in their religious rituals to tame or calm the winds. It is safe to say that Tibetan beads mean different things to many cultures and have had great historical significance over the years. Even today turquoise holds great healing value to people all over the globe. It gives most people a peaceful feeling when seen or worn.


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