How To Buy Beads In Bulk

To start a jewelry making business, all that a person needs is essential jewelry making supplies and beads. If you are planning to set up a business, consider starting from home because it makes the business more economical. Jewelry making is a profitable business and when you do it at home, you incur no overheads and you are able to provide good quality jewelry at reasonable rates.

Since you need lots and lots of beads for your jewelry making projects, it is a great idea to purchase beads in bulk. When you purchase in bulk, you get wholesale rates and in some cases, you may even get huge discounts. When you are starting up, it is advisable to choose a single type of jewelry to make. This means that you will be buying beads of a single type in bulk and you will also be limiting your inventory to only one type of bead. As a beginner, this gives you the opportunity to practice with one type of jewelry and perfect your skills on that specific item.

But, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind when buying beads in bulk. Firstly, you must do your research on what type of bead you would like to work with. Depending on your choice of beads, you must look for a company that sells the type of beads you are interested in.

Read reviews online about the different companies and you can also ask other jewelry business owners who they recommend. Visit forums online related to jewelry making and you will be able to get lots of help from there. Beads suppliers who are widely recommended and have good reviews are much more dependable.

There are thousands of suppliers located throughout the world and it can be quite difficult to settle on one. For this reason, you must consider choosing a supplier who specializes in the type you are interested in. As a general rule, if you are looking for beads that come from a specific region, then you must buy from a supplier who is located in the same region.

For example, if you are looking to buy howlite beads, it will be a good idea to choose a supplier who is located in the area where howlite beads are generally made. Most of the howlite beads and stones come from California, so it is a good idea to settle on a supplier who is located in California. Although, you may find the same beads in other places such as in the US or Canada, you can cut down the cost of middlemen when you buy from a Californian supplier.


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