The Great Variety Of Christmas Ornaments

The Christmas decorations you place on your tree is the most common place to find Christmas ornaments; usually bought, but with a modicum of craft skills and imagination you can make countless new ornaments. Christmas ornaments are usually made of glass, china, wood or resin.

Christmas ornaments are viewed by manufacturers as the entry into whole ranges of themed Christmas decorations, not just the decorations for your tree; they hope that the purchase of ornaments will lead to further purchases in the same range.

The original idea that Christmas ornaments were hung on the trees to mollify the goods and to ask for favour from them was swamped by the marketing industry; prior to the introduction of Christianity, Christmas decorations primarily consisted of fruits, flowers and other colourful items hung on the tree.

Familiar Christmas Ornaments

In Germanic countries the Christmas tree has been decorated with ornaments for hundreds of years. This practice was popularised in Britain by Prince Albert , Queen Victoria's husband during the middle part of the nineteenth century. During the 19th century ornaments would consist of hand carved Christian icons, such as angels. Before the introduction of the now ever present twinkling fairy lights, Christmas trees were decorated with a special and now rarely seen Christmas ornament: the candle, now pushed into Christmas decoration history as a health and safety hazard! These beautiful carvings and candles have been replaced by fairly lights and brightly coloured baubles; just as fruits and biscuits have become chocolates and sugared candies.

In Sweden the traditional Christmas ornaments are made from wood, this is still the most common tree decorations. The Swedish have created an industry around their Christmas decorations and now export them throughout the world. There is also a flourishing industry in the hand blown Christmas ornaments, the shimmer and shine of these ornaments make these very special and quite charming.

Just as there are traditional Christmas ornaments there are also traditional colours that are used on the decorations, these are gold, silver, green and red.

Personalised ornaments have become more in demand as people search for new and innovative ideas to impress. The best way to ensure that you have something unique is to create something yourself. This makes for a great family activity and will be much appreciated by the younger children.

When To Put Up The Christmas Tree

Traditionally the Christmas tree is put up in the USA after Thanksgiving. But in modern times it has got earlier and it is fairly common to see them within the first two weeks of December. This is probably due to the shops stocking decorations earlier each year in order to maximize profits. Some believe the first Sunday of Advent is the time to start putting up your tree, while others start decorating the tree as late as Christmas Eve.

Old ornaments have become collectors items and are in much demand. This market is fuelled by people who are trying to recreate the perceived Christmas spirit of yesteryear. However you decorate your Christmas tree it is important that you personalize it in some way so that it can be something that is pleasing to look at and right for creating the festive spirit.


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