History Of Blown Glass Beads

Blowing is a technique used to make various types of segmented and drawn beads. But, blown glass beads can be defined as beads which are made from tubes in which air is blown to help form beads (single or a serious of beads).

It is not exactly clear when this technique was developed and who developed the technique. But, there is a story that goes on to say that a man from Passy realized that a type of protein known as guanine could be obtained from fish scales and this protein resembled the surface of pearls. It was some time during the seventeenth century that he actually started coating blown glass beads with this protein. He used wax to hold the protein inside of the beads and give some weight to the beads. These beads were known as the Roman pearls. It is not clear if this person was behind the invention of the blowing glass technique or if he was only behind the idea of using protein from fish scales to give blown glass beads the appearance of imitation pearls. This technique was then continued by the family for over 200 years.

Glass is being made in Germany since 1597. During the early 1800s, a man named Hans Greiner invented a way to blow beads and insert some kind of silver stuff inside to give them a silver appearance. This technique soon became popular all across Europe. During the 1820s, a better technique was developed by his son. After that, even metal molds and under arm bellows were also introduced in the making of blown glass beads.

In 1845, Czech Republic artisans also started making hollow beads. But, it is not clear when exactly they started using the blowing technique to make glass beads. But, it is believed it was some times during the late nineteenth century. After that time, the blown glass making industry boomed and more innovation and designs were introduced which led to the creation of elaborate Christmas ornaments and a range of other blown glass items.

The technique of making these kinds of beads was learned by the Japanese when Sakubei Oi brought the technique from Europe in 1875. Tokichi Nakamichi then introduced another technique in which multiple molds could be used to create many beads at once.

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